Cherish the Past, Adorn the Present, Construct the future


Established in 2015 in Abu Dhabi, Al Furqan has evolved into a leading opportunistic real estate management firm in the EMEA region.

The Al Furqan organisation includes an in-house team, comprising investment senior advisers / direct partners, supported by a team in legal, tax, finance, structuring and administration.

Al Furqan’s strategy is to back local partners and management teams in growing their respective business, investing in property, corporate operating entities, credit related businesses and debt related instruments, whose value is primarily supported by property assets and is typically driven by a liquidity event with one of the existing parties.


Capitalising on real estate fundamentals

Through its large network of partners and advisors, Al Furqan is unparalleled as an originator or financial and operating investor and partner.

The exceptional culture of the Al Furqan team is founded upon an energetic and entrepreneurial working environment, where a collegiate atmosphere fosters a strong commitment to the organisation.

In addition, the Al Furqan team has aligned itself with limited partners and is an important part of the investor consortium across all the Al Furqan projects, with significant personal financial commitment from employees at every level. The Al Furqan team’s commitment and financial alignment, coupled with highly transparent, detailed reporting and frequent investor communications, results in an active partnership with its investors.